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Submitted on
April 14, 2012
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a priest is rushing to my side
begins to read me my last rites
father you're too late, my faith is weak
so won't you save your half-hearted speech?

              The Priest and the Matador by Senses Fail

I lay down in the grass to watch
stars twinkle in the fading night,
the vastness makes me feel so lost:
a flicker in a sea of light.
With hopeful efforts I attempt
to reclaim all those tears I've cried,
but stillness turns into contempt...
stars whose lights have sadly left-
and with it, too, my faith has died.
a priest is rushing to my side

the air stolen from in my lungs,
the fire gone out from my heart,
what revelations I have brung-
tear my conscious brain apart.
and swallowed by my growing sobs-
I scream and cry in that dark night
"where is this non-existent god-
I must warn you, he is a fraud!"
the priest pities my growing plight,
begins to read me my last rites

the priest drones on, his words resound
devotedly he spews his spiel
but I remain upon the ground
abandoned by my crashing ideals
"I no longer see the purpose,"
he keeps quoting as I speak
"to keep going would be remiss
please leave me be, my only wish
is for you to see this is oblique-
father you're too late, my faith is weak"

"but young one," he then lifts me up
"look around at all these wonders.
It's only men who are corrupt,
it's them who take and steal and plunder.
God's love must carry us along!
Come with me" his hand floats, outreached
but I decline "Sir, you are wrong.
My faith has died, I can't belong.
Now there is nothing you can teach,
so won't you save your half-hearted speech?
A glosa, which I used the song lyrics form "The Priest and the Matador", by Senses Fail, one of my FAVORITE bands. A link to the song: [link] I love their lyrics so much.... that's why I'm glad I used this form. It gave me a chance to expand on one of my favorite songs.

I really liked doing this poem. It was hard, because it was so long; but it was like writing a story. I used dialogue, which I haven't done in such a long time. Also, I'm not trying to make a religious point so please don't get offended! I was taking a different viewpoint that's shown in the song.
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X12-1992 Jul 18, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Wow....very deep. Wonderful poem
thanks so much
deinktvis Apr 15, 2012  Student Writer
wow, mads...this is well put together! one thing tho:
...but I decline "sir, you are wrong...

to keep with your standard punctuation/grammar scheme, i THINK the 'S' in sir should be uppercase.

otherwise, this is freakin' awesome.
okay, I changed it. and thanks so much!
deinktvis Apr 15, 2012  Student Writer
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