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Submitted on
November 30, 2012
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27 (who?)
the November sky trembles and she's
out sleeping on the railroad tracks, again,
where no one hears her staggered breaths
and stuttered dreams

she promised she'd be back in a few
summers, once the war raging within
her ribcage finally called it quits
(she's so close to raising that white flag,
her fingers plead)

tightrope walkers never feel free, she's bound
by the internal pulsation of her heart, going
stagnant as she gives away the pieces of
herself to people who see her as nothing more
than the wide-eyed doll in the corner, yet
unnamed, forsaken by children with better
things to do

and perhaps these are intrinsic qualities
carved into your bones before you are born,
maybe her parents created her with a
tendency to fail and to cry for silent nights,
and she's right to stop asking questions –
who's and why's are not proper vocabulary
for spirits just whispering through.

these persistent storms overwhelm her ability
to breathe, but she knows was taught
it's alright, it's really alright to be
wasted by thunder as long as you can
emanate rainbows when the weather clears.

sometimes she recites lullabies by memory
about the happily ever afters that fill her
dreams and those sickly sweet promises that
act like medicine for wounded girls who
believe too hard.

they've misdefined her, because it's what
they do best. they never saw the galaxies
in her eyes, they only counted the scars
down her spine (and told her
wounds aren't classy)

her constellation composure and sea-songs were
never enough, so she traded her secrets
in for monetary value; and no one knows
she's built of dollar store stories and overused
clichés, no one sees she's the most brilliant shade
of reverie to ever grace their dull canvas.

They do not revere her, They do not share
a single word with her, but one day, They
will write her the loveliest memorial.
This is my dedication to the lovely :iconfeatherback: She's going to be off deviantART till January, but she still inspires me every single day. I tried to write like I imagine she would (do forgive me if it's not nearly as good as her own.)
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FuzzyHoser Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This is beautiful. :heart:
intricately-ordinary Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
:love: Thank you so much!
FuzzyHoser Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
My pleasure! (:
autumnlit Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
:iconaawplz: Beautiful! And a lovely dedication! You both are such wonderful poets! :heart:
intricately-ordinary Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much! :heart: You all inspire me so much, I figured I'd just do one huge poem about how much she influences me because I've been missing her c:
autumnlit Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
You're welcome! ^^ You did a beautiful job, I know she will love it! :heart:
ZaquiaStorm Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012

So much love. I put it off and put it off reading this, leaving it and your others since in my messages, because I always read your works (even though I delete all other literature that shows up in my deviantWATCH messages), and I just now got to it. Now I can't figure out why I didn't read it sooner.
intricately-ordinary Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I'm still so honored you read all my works ;u;
thank you so so much! :heart:
ZaquiaStorm Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012
But of course! I'd have to beat myself up if I didn't, your works are the best! :heart:
Haanyaan Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Student Writer
Excuse your perfection *dies*
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